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Eating for Fuel

Eating for Fuel is a unique method focused on fat reduction to help you meet your daily fitness and performance goals by changing your body composition.  We custom tailor a plan for you based on your metabolism.

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Eating for Fuel is about custom tailoring a plan to your needs and supporting you through the process, it’s not about fad dieting. Changing your body composition with Eating for Fuel is a fat reduction approach that entails getting a Resting Metabolic Rate and a body fat test.

Our Services

Eating for Fuel is about custom tailoring a plan to your needs and supporting you through the process. It is not about fad dieting. Our services consist of a Resting Metabolic Rate Test, a 6-Week Coaching Program, and an 8-Week Coaching Program.

Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) tests how many calories your body would burn if you sat on the couch all day.  It’s the baseline of how many calories you need to consume daily to keep your body alive. The reason it’s important to get a real RMR instead of an online calculation or machine guess from body fat tests is that they are usually not accurate.

6-Week Coaching Program

The 6-week program entails us talking about your goals, then you obtain a DEXA body fat test and a resting metabolic rate test for an additional fee. We then calculate your calories per day broken down by protein, carbohydrate and fats to be consumed daily.

8-Week Coaching Program

The 8-Week program consists of three 50-minute coaching meetings after the initial consultation either by phone or in person. These meetings take place at the end of week 2, 5 and 8 to discuss progress, answer questions, and gather custom tailored ideas to help you to continue to execute your plan. A DEXA body fat test and a resting metabolic rate test are an additional fee.

"I was looking for a solution to the years of yo-yo weight changes, but as a masters rower competing in regional and local regatta’s I needed a healthy solution that would help me lose body fat whilst gaining muscle and strength. Allison was instrumental in my success! With the help of Advocare nutrition, weight loss, energy and sports performance products and Allison’s Eating for Fuel program tailored specifically to my needs, not only did I loose nearly 40 pounds, but I have improved strength and performance – consistently making the top team boats and surpassing my athletic goals!"

San Jose, California

"Balancing nutrition with effective training and competitive sport was very challenging on my own. I compete in weight class for my sport, which causes plenty of anxiety around race time. I work with Allison now. It is such a relief to have a methodical, well thought out plan. It works brilliantly. I don't suffer and neither does my training. We are able to effectively manage my plan mostly by phone conference, email and text. She has made me a better, stronger, leaner competitor."

Newport Beach, California

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